Live Streaming

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When it comes to your Live Event, AMPD Lighting & Audio Visual has all the right equipment, Multiple Cameras, streaming interfaces, video switchers, Professional Audio Equipment, Video Monitoring and IT Equipment. We work with Non-Profit, Corporate and Business Meetings, Live Auctions, Conferences, Large and Regional Government. We have Spokane’s largest rental inventory of Live Streaming Equipment. Give us a Call or Email and ask how we can help. 

AJA Helo


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As the Northwest most advanced Lighting company we provide professional lighting rentals for events of all sizes. We offer a full Lighting rental department stocked with high quality products that are thoroughly maintained and cared for. Our inventory contains some of today’s latest LED lighting technology, including a variety of Moving Head Fixtures, Pars, LED Source Four Lekos, Wash Fixtures, Lighting Consoles and an assortment of IP Rated (Weatherproof) Fixtures. Whether you need a few LED lights or a large production, our talented crew will go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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AMPD Lighting & Audio Visual has a high quality selection of Pro Audio equipment available for productions, rentals as well as for sale. We customize each order and have preset packages available to make your setup and operation a breeze. From speakers, microphones, amplifiers, mixing consoles, cables, and stage boxes, to our technicians and stagehands, AMPD provides you with high quality equipment and service for a professional production.

M Vision 18K Laser


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We know that there are a multitude of video applications, and that each one is different. That’s why we stock a variety of equipment for display, projectors, multi-format image processing, signal processing, and signal distribution. We also have a large inventory of rental projection screens and video projectors of all sizes and brightness for every projection application. If we don’t have something specific in stock, we have connections throughout the industry to get you what you need.

LED Video Wall

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LED Video Wall Panels are changing the way we do video. Everyday, LED technology is getting better – and today is no different. LED Video Walls go beyond concert and musical events, and are constantly being used for trade show booths, corporate events and meetings, social events, as well as live television viewings and movie screenings. There is no better way to make your event stand out than with the stunning display technology offered with LED Video Walls. Our LED Video Walls make your video images stand out indoors, and even outdoors in broad daylight.

We offer 4.8mm LED Video Walls for rent. Every video wall build is fully customizable, allowing you to create one big wall, individual standing walls, doorways to walk through, or whatever vision you have. Whether you you want to suspend them in the air or stack them on the ground, we have the equipment to bring your ideas to life.


Atmospheric Effects

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If you are looking to take your event to the next level, we can help you get there. With our inventory of Hazers, Foggers, Low Lying Foggers, CO2 cannons, Vertical Foggers, Confetti Cannons, and Strobe Lights, we can make your event come to life.

Truss & Rigging

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Whether you need to set up a stage, build a truss structure, or hang a rig in the air, we have the ability to create a custom design for your event, and will ensure it is implemented safely. Our inventory includes 20.5” General Purpose Box Truss, 12″ Tomcat Plated Box Truss, 36” Bases, 5-Way Corner Blocks, Truss Lifts, Line Array Lifts, Chain Hoists, and more.

JTE 20.5x205. Truss


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