Conferences start early

It all starts with an vision. That is what happened with this conference. Our client told us to save the date for conference back in January. We had no idea the scale or what was going to be needed and I don’t think the client didn’t either. The call came in three weeks prior to the load in and we were expected to support two rooms that will be considered both general sessions and both rooms required projection screen, projectors, a full P.A. system including stage monitors and front fills, multiple wireless microphones with headsets, stage lighting, video cameras with the ability to stream and record. The first thing we need to do is ask, “what do you want the room to look like”? Once we understood the vision, we went to work. The next step was to provide the client with a 3-D rendering of what it could look like in both rooms. Once approved, we got started on the quote and budget.

Each room was supplied with 2 x 16′ x 9′ Draper projection screens, 2 x 18k M-Vision laser projectors by Digital Projection with Blackmagic video switchers, AJA recorders and Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ Cameras routed all the video. Audio was was handled by L’Acoustics KARA II, not flown due to screen interference, but ground supported while Shure Axient Digital wireless microphone and DPA 4488 Headsets helped amplify the presenters. Lighting was pretty basic, with each room getting 8 x ETC Series 3 LED Ellipsoidal’s lighting the stage and podium. Elation Paladin Bricks up-lit the 21oz velour drapery while Avolites Quartz controlled all the lighting. Tomcat 12×12 plated truss and CM 1 ton motors helped keep everyone safe while it was all hanging overhead.

AMPD crew led the load in and setup with some help from Local 93 IATSE stage hand union. Have to give it up to the AMPD crew on this one and making our clients vision a reality. We try to always exceed our clients expectations while staying within the budget. In this case, we found the way. The end result concluded with a new event confirmation for later in the year. The clients said this was one of the better conference they had to date and would love to continue working with us on future conference’s.


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