Barco G62 G-Lens, 0.75‑0.95 : 1


The G-lens (0.75-0.95:1) is a short-throw lens designed for use with compatible projectors. This lens allows for a wider range of projection distances in a limited space, making it ideal for use in small rooms or environments where space is a premium. The 0.75-0.95:1 lens provides a short throw ratio, which means that the projector can be placed close to the screen while still delivering a large image size. This lens is useful in situations where space constraints make it difficult to position the projector at a standard distance from the screen. The G-lens is compatible with a variety of projectors and can be easily installed and adjusted to achieve the desired image size and focus. It features high-quality optics that ensure sharp and clear image reproduction, and its wide aperture provides excellent light transmission, which is essential for bright and vivid images. Overall, the G-lens (0.75-0.95:1) is a useful tool for achieving optimal projection results in challenging environments. Its short-throw capabilities and wide compatibility make it an ideal solution for various projection setups, including classrooms, boardrooms, and small auditoriums.