Barco G62 G-Lens, 2.90‑5.50 : 1


The Barco G62 G-Lens with a 2.90-5.50:1 throw ratio is a long-throw lens designed for use with compatible projectors. This lens is ideal for larger venues or situations where you need to project images from a considerable distance.

With the 2.90-5.50:1 throw ratio, you have the flexibility to position the projector at a significant distance from the screen while still achieving a large image size. This is particularly useful when you have a spacious room or when the projector needs to be placed at the back of the venue.

The G62 G-Lens is designed to deliver high-quality image reproduction, ensuring sharp and clear visuals even in large-scale projections. It maintains excellent light transmission, allowing for vibrant and impactful images in environments with ambient light.

Installing and adjusting the lens is user-friendly, allowing for easy setup. The lens includes features such as zoom, focus, and lens shift, providing you with the ability to fine-tune the image to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you're setting up a theater, auditorium, or large conference room, the Barco G62 G-Lens with a 2.90-5.50:1 throw ratio offers a reliable solution for long-throw projection needs. It provides versatility and high-quality performance, ensuring that your presentations or visual content reach the audience with clarity and impact.