StagePro 17″ Presidential Teleprompter Pair


Prompter People The StagePro Presidential Pair are ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less set-up. The monitor is self-reversing and can display prompting with either the included PC and Mac software or with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.  

    • Fast, easy setup with necessary cables and hardware
    • Easily readable to over 17 feet
    • Mac and PC software included
    • Upgradable to 17,19, 24 inch monitor sizes
    • Adapter available for iPad
    • High Bright 1000 NIT monitors available for outside use
    • Flip-Q Pro software for Mac and PC included
    • Surrounds for Base / Monitor included
  The StagePro Presidential Pair design utilizes custom aluminum hardware for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The reversing monitors allow for prompting using text or presentations using the included Flip-Q Pro software for PC and Mac. 2 teleprompters are included along with a distribution amp and 25 foot extension cables. The included monitor offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. All PrompterPeople monitors are self-reversing* for easy prompting. The lightweight, long life LED backlit display offers a bright 400 nit image (nit is the unit of visible-light intensity), High Bright monitors for outside use are available.