Based in Spokane, AMP’D Lighting & Audio Visual offers virtual, online, hybrid, and social distancing event solutions to businesses and organizations around the Northwest. Let us help you find safe and exciting alternatives to transform your event – the show must go on!

Virtual, online, hybrid, and social distancing event solutions

As a lighting, audio, video, and staging production company, we understand first-hand how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the event industry. However, we know that for many the show must go on. That’s why we offer safe, alternative event solutions for event organizers. Whether you’re looking to host a virtual, online, hybrid, or social distancing event, we have innovative solutions to help create a safe and successful experience.

Virtual Event Stage AMP'D Spokane

Virtual and Online Events

Conferences | Meetings | Concerts & Performances | Galas | Fundraisers | Worship & Church Services | Graduations & Ceremonies

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Our virtual event and live stream productions offer safe alternatives for companies, non-profits, churches, schools, colleges, and event organizers. We will work with you to design and create a full scale production that turns your event into an online experience. Need a venue to host your event? We have you covered – we’ve dedicated a space in our warehouse that can be fully furnished with a stage that meets the needs of your event. Our virtual event and live stream solutions are led by our experienced production crews, who will be on-site to assist with stage design and setup, lighting, audio, and online streaming.

Drive-In Events

Host a drive-in event for concerts, movies, services, ceremonies, and more!

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Drive-in events are in! Regardless of whether you host a drive-in concert, movie, church service, or ceremony, we have a wide variety of solutions to support your event. With the stunning display technology of our LED Video Walls, you can show movies, live video broadcasts, and presentations to your drive-in audience at any time of the day – even broad daylight! We can also provide a range of staging, audio, and lighting to provide a full drive-in event experience.

24'x 13.5' LED Video Screen
HRC Ministries Video Wall Social Distance Event

Social Distancing Events

Production solutions that bring together safety and innovation

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Putting on a successful social distancing event that meets safety guidelines requires a number of extra measures. We have a full range of professional production solutions along with a number of the most recent safety innovations to meet your event needs. We can provide audio coverage across your entire venue, LED video wall and projection displays, video broadcasting and live streaming, barrier systems, temperature check tablets, all in addition to lighting and staging solutions. We can also design CAD Drawings, Stage Plots, and Room Layouts to help you plan every detail.


Equipment available for rentals, sales, and production. Looking for something specific? Give us a call or send us an email!


Broadcast Cameras

We use the JVC Connected Cam 2/3-inch Broadcast Camcorders to deliver the highest quality video available. It features three 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors that deliver high sensitivity, low noise, and a wide dynamic range.


Production Quality Video Switching

Whether your event requires a 2-3 camera shoot or a 16-20 camera shoot, we have the video switching equipment and technical support to navigate your event.

Fusion Hardware Turnkey Graphics

Dynamic 3D Animated Graphics

We can deliver layers of dynamic 3D animated graphics – broadcast lower thirds, crawls, bugs, transitions, score boards, or whatever matches your brand’s style.

AJA Ki Pro 4K


In addition to live streaming, we have the ability to record to a solid state hard drive and give you a copy of every camera angle from the night of your event. This is perfect for Post-Production editing.


Teleprompters and Confidence Monitors

What good is all this equipment if your speaker can’t see what’s happening online or can’t read their notes. Our Teleprompters and Confidence Monitors allow speakers to see and read everything that is happening online.


Web Interfaces

Our web interfaces make it possible to move your video sources online as high quality web streaming with softwares like Skype and Zoom, or streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Periscope and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you previously hosted any virtual events or have any examples?

Yes! We recently helped Children’s Village host “Our 30th Year” virtual fundraiser, where they raised nearly $200,000 to continue their work helping children in crisis. The virtual event was streamed from right here in our warehouse! You can get a look at their stage below, and view the recording of their virtual event here:

Virtual Event Live Stream Stage - AMP'D Spokane

Can I see one of your Live Streams?

Here you go. Here is a Live Stream for our Virtual Event Partner Event.

Do you do Corporate Events in your Studio?

Can you help us host a virtual event from our venue?

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you need to rent additional equipment or need a full-scale production, we can work with you to meet your event’s needs.

What if our venue isn't suitable to host our virtual event?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve dedicated a space in our warehouse that can be fully furnished with a stage that meets the needs of your event. On our stage, we’ve included a 30’ x 10’ LED Video Wall, 4 video cameras to capture all angles, as well as professional lighting, audio, and live streaming equipment. But of course, its fully customizable to fit your needs.

Virtual Event Live Stream Stage - AMP'D Spokane

Do you work with any additional partners that can help us host our virtual event?

Can you help us reinforce the safety of our venue?

For sure – as a dealer for manufacturers across the industry, we have access to items like TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets, the Tomcat Light Duty Community Barrier System line, Luxibel UVC light and air disinfection units, Pro Tapes “Social Distancing” and “Cleaned & Sanitized” tapes, and many more! Contact us for product demonstrations and pricing!

What locations and areas do you service?

AMP’D Lighting & Audio Visual is based in Spokane, WA, and provides production services to the entire Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Give us a call or send us an email for more information!