Ultratec Radiance Hazer



Ultratec´s Radiance Haze Machine, the best selling Water Based Hazer, sets the standards against which all other hazers are measured. - Low Fluid Consumption: 1 Gallon lasts 80 hours - Easy and Quick Serviceability: With Ultratec´s innovative 4-Port Rapid Vaporizer, the Radiance Haze Machine is cleaned and back in service in less than 15 minutes. - Radiance Hazer Service Maintenance Procedure Video - Standard Features: The built-In DMX, controls both the Haze Output, Internal Fan, and Optional External Fan, giving you excellent Haze Control and Even Dispersion. - The Radiance also operates in stand-alone Mode by using the DMX selector switches to control Haze Output, Internal Fan, and Optional External Fan.

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